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  • DCD-2010AE

  • TU-1510AE

  • DP-300F


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Integrated Amplifier
  • The PMA-1510AE is endowed with a renowned Denon tradition: the simple & straight UHC-MOS single push-pull amplifier circuit. Amplifier construction, the foundation of expressive sound, has also been redesigned to place greater emphasis on low specific gravity and more direct grounding. Rich musical expressiveness in a class of its own is achieved with the same large, 27-mm motor-driven volume control that’s used on the high-class PMA-2010AE.
  • New Features
  • Newly-developed heat sink, to suppress vibration caused by resonance point
  • System remote control unit to control not only the amplifier but also a CD player
  • Lower power consumption at stand-by 0.1 W (in Eco Standby)
  • The Schottky barrier diode used in the PMA-1510AE has 1.5 times more capacity than previous models
  • High-grade volume control for precise quality management
  • High quality sound
  • Ultra-High Current (UHC)-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit, for balancing details and power
  • High-current, dynamic power supply, to support high speed and large current flow
  • Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimise unwanted vibration
  • Minimum signal paths, to protect signal purity
  • Leakage-cancelling-mounted twin transformers
  • Wide range playback, supporting Super Audio CD
  • Microprocessor Stop Mode, for pure enjoyment of music
  • Others
  • High-performance phono equaliser
  • Parts strictly selected for high sound quality
  • Gold-plated speaker terminals
  • Color
  • Premium Silver
  • Black